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"Sarah is a great speaker, who provides the crowd with complex information, in a very clear and understandable way. Her level of expertise is hard to find."

Bill Hopkins, Partner

Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton LLP

"Thanks for another stimulating talk this afternoon. As always, your enthusiasm, humor and expertise provide the perfect mix: enjoyable+informative."

Sylvia Craft, Resident

Laurelmead Cooperative Residential Retirement Community

"Sarah Freymann Fontenot and I serve on the faculty of the American Association of Physician Leadership... Sarah is super smart but also very easy to understand and delightfully funny. If I’m going to learn something complicated, I would prefer to smile while doing so and Sarah always delivers."

Allison Linney, President and Founder

Allison Partners

"Sarah delivered the keynote at our 2016 User Conference and our customers gave her rave reviews! She was highly engaging and her presentation was right on point. Thank you Sarah for helping our customers and staff gain valuable insights into the new and very complex subject of MACRA."

Michael Nissenbaum, President and CEO

Aprima Medical Software

"Sarah receives exceptional evaluation results from our physician audiences, and groups continually request her by name. She is one of our top rated speakers. Sarah's above-average performance is a direct result of her natural talent and her ability to establish and maintain rapport with audiences."

Lesley Lopez Viner, Assistant Vice President

Risk Management Department
Texas Medical Liability Trust (TMLT)

"I am new to the healthcare management field and I found the information you gave so easy to following and very educational when it came to the ACA. Everything I’ve heard prior to your session had been based on hear say but yours was the first with concrete facts. No propaganda and speculation crowding it out. So, I thank you. "

Regina Stephens, Office Administrator

Delaware Neurology/Delmarva Surgery

"It is evident Sarah is a teacher and has a passion for learning and sharing her knowledge."

Brandi Gaitan, Executive Director

Jefferson County Medical Society

"The education that she has provided our members over the years has been extremely valuable to them as indicated in continuous outstanding evaluation results, as well as requests to have Sarah return to our symposia to present again."

Jessica Miley, CCMEP, Director of CME and Compliance

Texas Academy of Family Physicians

"Sarah's presentation style is engaging and collaborative even presenting information that is not always what the audience wants to hear. She uses humor and personal examples to illustrate and clarify points and is an outstanding educator and excellent speaker. Sarah truly exemplifies those qualities we seek when inviting faculty to participate in our continuing education programs and I could not recommend her more highly."

Susan Morrison, Continuing Education Coordinator

Citizens Medical Center

"Sarah has consistently proved herself to be articulate, responsible, and effective in her content."

Aaron Haynes, Director

Office of Graduate Medical Education
University of Tennessee-Memphis

"Ms. Fontenot has a unique ability to connect with and engage every audience member from the moment she begins speaking. She can take the most complex topic and convey it in such a way that everyone understands it. Whatever her topic, she provides practical tips and much needed information."

Jeannie VanderKruik, Executive Director

Southern Oncology Association of Practices (S.O.A.P.)

"Sarah is an expert in the field of law and she brings not only her expertise and applicable knowledge to her presentations but a consistent professional approach to her work."

Eve Robb Medlock, M.A., Director

Graduate Medical Education
University of Missouri Kansas City

"As a speaker Sarah provides thorough, timely, and practical information on difficult issues in the practice of medicine, and has been consistently rated as one of TMA’s top speakers by our physician and medical office staff audiences. Her dynamic presentation skills shine in all settings including intimate workshops, keynote addresses, panel discussion, and audio conferences and webinars."

Kimberly K. Harmon, CAE, Director

Leadership Development
Texas Medical Association

"We are challenged with not only providing expert information, but doing it in a way that results in managers making a difference at their medical practices weeks and months later. That's how you know you have been successful in selecting professional speakers for your conference. Sarah enables us to make that difference."

Karen Blanchette, Association Director

Professional Association of Health Care Office Management (PAHCOM)